Thanks to everyone from TFcon 2012

The staff of TFcon would like to thank everyone for maybe the greatest TFcon in history.  Thanks to our guests Scott McNeil, Bob Budiansky, Wally Burr, Neil Ross, Josh Perez, Derrick J. Wyatt, Andrew Griffith, Silas Zee, Vangelus, Peaugh, Dan Khanna and Matt Moylan for sharing the weekend with us.  Thanks to iGear, Headrobots and Robotkingdom for providing the exclusives and all the other 3rd party companies for contributing to the product preview panel.  Thanks to Dylan G, Rage Design and Inch Imaging for their graphic and printing assists.  Thanks to Ryan for bringing Bumblebee and Barricade out for us.  Thanks to AVW TELAV for the AV support.  Thanks to Hasbro Canada for coming out and interacting with the fans one on one.  Thanks to the staff of the Delta for being great hosts.  Thanks to the staff and volunteers that work tirelessly to execute the convention every year.  And of course thanks to you the attendees who came out and made the event a huge success.

Lets do it again in 2013.