Transformers Writer Simon Furman to attend TFcon 2011

We are very pleased to welcome Transformers writer Simon Furman to TFcon 2011 for his first ever Canadian convention appearance. The author of Marvel UK’s Transformers series, Marvel US’s Transformers issues 56-80 and Transformers Generation 2 comic, the Beast Wars cartoon episode Nemesis Part 2, the Dreamwave comics War Within, Armada and Energon, the Transformers: The Ultimate Guide and the first five Generation 1 mini-series for IDW as well as numerous Spotlight issues; Mr. Furman will be taking part in a Q&A panel and autograph sessions with the attendees of the Canadian Transformers Collectors Convention. TFcon encourages fans of Simon Furman and the Marvel comic series to sign the petition to restart the original Transformers continuity from #81 with Simon Furman.