TFcon 2011 Exclusive Announced: Head Robots Stronghold

The TFcon 2011 exclusive is Stronghold!
In command of a lost band of Transformers from before the Great War, Stronghold must now deal with the likes of an escapee war criminal in the form of Zarak. Armed with his Master Cannon and double blasters, this leader of the fabled Head Robots is a force to be reckoned with now that he holds the plans to the mysterious project Maximus…

Produced by Head Robots and designed for the Universe Onslaught mold and cross compatible with Generation 1 Headmasters, Stronghold will be limited to 700 pieces. This is a high-quality upgrade kit that contains a transforming head with ball joints and clear blue eyepiece, two photon rifles, one assault cannon, and a backpack. The backpack features many mounting points so the guns can be configured in many ways. This exclusive will come with a bonus set of Reprolabels that will transform your old action figure into an all new character for your collection.